Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Ideesys is Software Quality Assurance Company based in Banglore specialising in DevOps, Automated Testing, Service Virtualization and many more.

We provide premium software testing services and solutions by executing programs or applications to identify software defects. The process of software testing or the application in the early stage can help prevent problems and reduce costs in deployment. Testhouse can help you save you time, money and promote continuous improvement.

Enhancing quality of software products while bringing them to market quicker is a key aim of business leaders. By using Testhouse’s software testing experiences and expertise in DevOps principles or processes, businesses can achieve these goals gaining vital competitive advantages.To enable continuous delivery, you need a mechanism to assess the quality of your software every time a change is made.


Software Quality Assurance Services:

DevOps Continuous Delivery, breaks down the distinction between the development of a software product and its operational implementation. The process is done by seeing all stages as interdependent and integrating quality assurance through continuous testing and feedback as early as possible in the development process.

Automated Acceptance Tests validate that the software is meeting certain requirements (mini regression suite). To ensure a reliable and repeatable process, we need to confirm that software can be recreated at will. Moreover, if Continuous Integration is in place, a build is triggered every time a developer commits a change to version control. The build process is the first quality gate as build verification tests, i.e. Unit Tests, are executed to verify that low level methods are still meeting their requirements. This is part of regression testing at a low level.

Build provides a fast feedback loop to developers informing them as soon as possible if any unit testable defect has been introduced. Modern applications are complex and may involve hundreds of services. If a service is not developed yet, it may prevent integration testing. Also third party services may not be available for testing or may be very expensive to use.


http://verdexmi.com/tag/la-hora-del-planeta/ Functional Testing

Exhaustive functional testing is not the only way to product quality. Partner with us to experience the right way to better product quality and significant cost savings.


Managed Testing Services

Allow yourselves the time and opportunity to focus on your core business by leaving the management of quality assurance function to experienced professionals.


Strategic Test Consulting

If you are looking for strategic guidance and support to your structure quality assurance function to support major organisational level transformation programmes, contact us.


Mobile Testing

As enterprise mobile apps redraw the boundaries of customer relationships, testing is becoming complex. Stay ahead with our experience and mobile labs.


Performance Testing

Safeguard your revenues by ensuring key applications remain performant, responsive and available. Let us help you build performance into your applications from day one.


Automated Testing

Reduce the complexities while employing “software” to test “software”. Make informed choices on test automation by allowing our experienced test architects to show the way.


Software Quality Assurance Solutions

To solve such issues, Service Virtualisation creates virtual components that simulates those services. Service Virtualisation can be integrated to your automated deployment script and consequently allows testing to occur earlier, being automated or manual.With Continuous Delivery, we need to test the application as often as possible. This is even more true with Agile teams where development iterations are short.

To meet the quality goals, the software goes through various test cycles, and several test environments need to be in place to achieve that.With automated deployment, each new valid build can be deployed and tested automatically or at the push of a button through an approval step. This creates a reliable process that minimises delays and resource dependencies.


Windows 10 Migration

Historically, an enterprise upgrade of Windows has proved to be a long and difficult process and the pains of XP to Windows 7 can still be remembered. Testhouse’s tried and tested approach in migrating to Windows 10 can significantly reduce the risks, pain and costs.
An absent QA strategy, adopting the key points above, can significantly impact the operations of enterprises for hours, days or even months. Experience and expertise can save you significant costs by avoiding known issues and pitfalls.


AppCheca – Digital Media Solution

Digital agencies must be able to deliver new websites, mobile applications, and other assets in a very short time frame. In these type of engagements, client branding is probably the most important aspect as it can easily damage a reputation that takes years to build.
We developed a specific offering for digital media agencies that helps ensure high quality result whilst ensuring a fast testing delivery to meet the time constraints.


Dynamics CRM & AX

ERP & CRM systems are two major systems within companies. Because of that, they tend to be heavily customized. Making sure that they work correctly is primordial as the company depends on it.
With Microsoft Dynamics AX & CRM, we have developed a unique offering that can ensure your implementation or migration will be quality-focused and deliver a reliable system.


Service Virtualisation

With ever increasing application complexity, it becomes difficult to set up and manage test environments when so many components/services need to be in place and interact together.
Using Service Virtualisation, environments can be quickly set up by removing the need of setting up all those services by creating “simulated components”

Ideesys are dedicated to offer the highest levels of customer service and are keen to work with you to identify services that will help your business. If you are interested in any of the listed services or require any further information

The process begins when you contact us with your requirements. We analyze your requirements and respond to you. On the basis of the further discussion, you can choose an engagement model that suits you the best. After that, we begin the process of development.

The time limit of any app assignment is normally dictated by the client. If you have any time limit in mind we will attempt to assemble it for you. The main general delay in the making of an app is waiting for the content of the pages to be sent to us by the client.

To get a better idea of the cost of what you want to build, give us a quick phone call. We’ll ask you a few questions about the nature of the app, what sort of interactivity the app will have, your graphic design needs, etc. Then we’ll be able to give you a ballpark figure. If you’re still interested, we’ll come to your place of business and come up with a firm quote.